I've been writing all my life, but I went freelance in 2008.
From quite small beginnings at my college newspaper The Sundial -- where I evolved from staff writer to subeditor to columnist -- I pushed forward to work at The Auburn News, La Nouvelle République, The Item, and the Telegram & Gazette (an NYT publication) until the 2008 recession forced me to find word outside of print media.
Throughout my time and experience at newspapers (where I was, I believe, my happiest), I was able to write an array of articles, from science and technical pieces, to human interest, travel writing, and even my own column "Just Julie" which documented some of my experiences in living in Paris.
In between my time writing at newspapers, I was able to gain valuable experience writing for all kinds of editorials, including magazines, blogs and guest posts. So much so, I was able to find a job putting together an independent school's bi-annual magazine, from conception and content all the way through to publishing and subscriptions. During this time I was asked to write the book 20 Artists of Worcester, and was also a writer and an editor for the regional magazine Foodies of New England
My love for writing has never ceased, only grown, exponentially so. In 2013, I earned an MA in Scriptwriting for Screen and Radio from Aberystwyth University. Since then my writing has been featured in Elle UK and on BBC Radio 4, and I've landed on the top 100 for the Red Planet Prize. Perhaps more excitingly, I've been rejected from some of the best publications out there, from the Guardian to the Atlantic to the New Yorker.

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