In addition to copyediting, I also lay documents out, either to a branded template or a new design, if you so desire. I've worked with everything form Microsoft Word macros to InDesign and Adobe CC.
My extensive work with brands and style guides means that looking thoughtfully at the details is second nature.
Not sure what it is exactly? Don't worry. You're definitely not alone. And that's because good typesetting is invisible; you'll only ever notice it when it's wrong, when it hinders your reading.
arranging text and images on a page, and preparing them for print 
[Think margins, header styles, typeface, spacing of words/text/lines]
In essence, typesetting is visual communication, or if you're feeling whimsical, interior design for your media. 
From hierarchies and style, to kerning and widow/orphan control, and all the way through to pagination and preflight, I'll take care of your document, making sure it's reader-friendly, engaging, and beautiful.

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